The Future of Work needs Inner Work

Lead your team to selfmanagement

Change is difficult. We’ve been there! That’s why we have created this online course. It enables you and your team to develop the necessary competencies to be more innovative, authentic, and effective at work.

“The online course Future of Work needs Inner Work has absolutely convinced and mobilized me: High- quality production, authentic presentation, full of valuable insights. In its unconventional, solid diversity, this course stands out from the multitude of other offers.”

— Dr. Marcel Megerle, CEO at FamilienUnternehmerTUN

“Joana and Bettina are sensationally good guides for companies on their way to self- organization. While almost all change processes focus on the outer, tangible dimension of change, they focus on the transformation from within.”

— Peter Kreuz, Founder of Rebels at Work

What you will take
away from this course:

  • In- depth knowledge about the necessary inner competencies for yourself and your team to succeed in the digital age
  • An actionable plan with concrete exercises and examples to lead the change process in your team
  • Personal feedback and concrete advice when you face a challenge
  • Support and inspiration from other like- minded leaders

We’ve curated more than 8 hours of video content for you, based on our learnings, experiences, and expertise as entrepreneurs and organizational developers. Additionally, in our monthly office hours and through our exclusive participant community we will accompany you along your journey.

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“Finally, I received real guidance on how to put new organisational models into practice. Joana and Bettina helped me a lot to lead my team towards self- management.”

— Naomi Ryland, Co- Founder and Managing Director at tbd*

You should take
this course if you:

  • are interested in new forms of leadership and organisational models
  • are committed to building a more authentic, creative, and productive work environment for yourself and your team
  • want to move from “theory” to “practice” and learn from our experiences and mistakes
  • wonder why so many change processes fail despite the best intentions

Course Content

Video Content

>8 hours of video content,
working material and

Live Office

Monthly Office Hours with
Bettina & Joana to discuss
your personal journey


Access to an exclusive and
supportive community of
course participants

Module 1 – Welcome Students!
In this introductory section, we provide you with an overview of the course and the story behind it.

  • Course Overview
  • The Story behind the Course

Module 2 – The Background to the Future of Work
Here you get to know the major drivers behind new forms of leadership and work. We’ll also clear away a number of popular misunderstandings regarding the future of work.

  • Why Future of Work?
  • Digital Principles
  • Popular Misunderstandings

Module 3 – Maps for Collaboration
In this section, you become acquainted with some very powerful concepts, which enable you to better understand how to create a successful and sustainable transformation of your own work environment.

  • Maps of Collaboration
  • Intro to Spiral Dynamics
  • The Balance between Inner and Outer
  • Self- Management at the betterplace lab
  • Why Inner Work?
  • The Anatomy of the Future of Work
  • Q&A – Is Self- Management Suitable for Everyone?

Module 4 – Competencies for the Future of Work
In a series of 10 lectures and 2 Q&As, we offer you a detailed overview of the most important inner competencies you need as an individual and as an organisation in order work in flexible and agile environments.

  • Self- Contact & Reflection
  • The Iceberg Model
  • Self- Motivation & Self- Management
  • Me & You
  • Empathy & Feedback
  • Conflict Management
  • Q&A – Which Competencies do we Need?
  • Teams as Collective Organisms
  • Metareflection & Multiperspectivity
  • Evolutionary Purpose
  • Competencies for the Future of Work
  • Q&A – Are People really taking Responsibility?

Module 5 – Designing the Future of Work
Here we take you step by step through the whole process of redesigning your work place, your team or your organisation.

  • Dynamics of Change
  • Motivation: Push or Pull?
  • Facilitating Change from the Inside
  • Identifying our Current Position
  • Self- Organisation as an Avoidance
  • Clarifying your Status Quo
  • Designing your Future Organisation
  • Q&A – How to Balance Manifestation & Reflection
  • Q&A – Different Types of Organizational Models

Module 6 – Outlook
We end with a number of practical examples for the different solutions and models successful teams have come up with.

  • Practical Results at the better place lab
  • Conclusion: Thanks for Watching!

Preview one of our lessons:

Q&A – Is self- management the right choice for every organization?

Course Price

EUR 306 (incl. 19% VAT)

+ 36 videos, >8 hours of content

+ working material and exercises

+ monthly live office hours

+ exclusive community for participants

If you want to buy multiple seats for your company, or you are a NGO or social enterprise, please reach to us to receive a custom quote.

Inner Work -
More than just an online course

Inner Work is not only an important part of New Work and new fluid organizational models. It is a principle and competencies we need for the next phase of human development – to shape society, economy and politics holistically.

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